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        Fixture plant

        Fixture plant 

        The fixture plant is directly under the production base of the headquarters, it is established in March of 2007 and its plant area takes 500㎡.
        Technical strength: Shenda has professional R&D, design, debug, measure engineers, who is with stability and rich experience.
        Owns high-precision processing and measuring equipments. 
        Business scope: R&D, manufacture and sales for precision fixture, frock, jig 
        Main products: precision injection fixture automation frock, automation jig of function and structure for interior & exterior parts for auto and home appliance.
        Major clients: Bosch, Brose, Johnson, Yanfeng, Visteon, Faurecia, Gissing, Electrolux etc.. 
        Representative works:
        1. Fixture for function & structure precision injection parts 
        2. Automation frock and jig for assembly line(cup holder assembly, glove box assembly, coating assembly etc.) 
        3. Automation frock and jig for air outlet production line 
        4. Automation frock and jig for other lines